HelixStudios: Making Greco Moan

HelixStudios: Making Greco Moan – Kody Knight, Greco Rai When Greco is enjoying sex, he’s not shy about showing it. His constant, loud moaning in time with the deep thrusts of Kody’s long dick say he’s REALLY enjoying this particular pounding. http://media.helixstudios.com/scenes/hx109_scene16/hx109_scene16_affiliate_480p.mp4

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Staxus: Raw soccer fuck

Staxus: Raw soccer fuck – Carl Ross & Pyotr Tomek Hey guys! Not only is Pyotr Tomek as cute as fuck, he’s also quite good at keepie-uppie – a fact that he’s evidently keen to demonstrate to his buddy, Carl Ross. In fairness, the young blond boy seems suitably impressed; but ...

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MenOver30: Second Go

MenOver30: Second Go – Tucker Forrest & Alessandro Del Toro Alessandro has called a meeting with his former boyfriend Tucker to hash out a few things and maybe get back together with him. Tucker has had a rough past with relationships and Alessandro once again proves that all Men are dogs. ...

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HotHouse: Gutter Punks

HotHouse: Gutter Punks – Nick Sterling, Tyler Wolf Horned up, sexy bad asses Nick Sterling and Tyler Wolf mark their territory with spray paint, but it’s not long before they’re claiming each other in a dark alley. Thick-dicked and cock-ringed Tyler’s up on a ladder, which is a perfect spot for ...

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FalconStudios: Cockstar

FalconStudios: Cockstar – Lance Luciano, Johnny V Lance Luciano is lounging in bed when his sexual desire walks into the room. Lance commands him to stop and strip, all the way down to his huge boner. Lance brings out his own manhood to stroke. Only then is Johnny V’s face finally ...

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Kristenbjorn: Casting Couch

Kristenbjorn: Casting Couch – Karl Lion, Cody Banx This is a very special casting because the Karl and Cody are real life lovers from Bulgaria. The guys begin by seductively stripping each other exposing their hot, hairy, muscular bodies. Karl releases Cody’s fat, uncut cock and takes it deep into his ...

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Staxus: Cum With Me – Twink Threesome #1

Staxus: Cum With Me : Carl Ross and Pyotr Tomek fuck newbie Ryan Torres Talk about winning the lottery with your very first ticket – it’s new boy Ryan Torres’s first ever scene for STAXUS and here he is teamed up with the truly terrific pairing of blond demi-god, Carl ...

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HelixStudios: Thick Dick Test

HelixStudios: Thick Dick Test – Davey Brooks, Travis Stevens Supposedly, the proven method for telling if you have a thick dick is to get yourself fully hard, then try to stick your dick in a toilet paper roll. If it slides through with little or no resistance, not to worry, you’re ...

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