So who are we???

So hey there Guys and Welcome to Totally Gay, I suppose your wondering what this is all about? My name is Daniel Ryder and myself and my Partner Chad are both gay porn enthusiasts!

We are currently operating out of the UK where we run a small studio for photography which we hope someday to turn into a full porn studio when we have enough money to get things off the ground (probably quite a while!), In the mean time to satisfy our porn buzz we are running this website for you.

We aim to show our interests which are mainly the twink and jock markets although will throw in some other stuff that we know you guys get off too! Our interests are always going to be shown through the site to enable us to keep passionate about what we do… But we are always open to suggestions (just comment)!!!

Lastly this isn’t our first site like this our last one got shut down after 4 years hard work and so we are starting a scratch as of December 2014 so please bare with us as we get content uploaded to the site!

Thanks again for visiting and Hope you enjoy 😛


All Models and persons portrayed on this site are always 18+ and relevant documentation regarding this is held by the copyright owners of the images. To obtain the studio who owns a specific shot for any inquiries please contact [email protected]

We do not own any of the image content on this site, that remains the property of the copyright owners which we use on permissions.