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Jakub Novek

BentleyRace: Cute XL Mates – Jakub Novek

By now you know that I love finding cute guys with extra large cocks. When I met Jakub Novek last year I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this huge flacid cock fall out of his boxer shorts. I was on vacation in Berlin at the time when one of my mates over there suggested I meet this 18 year old with a big dick. So this year we travelled to Jakub’s home town in Poland to meet with him and some of his mates. And being the middle of winter in Poland the poor boy was freezing by the time we got back to my room. I suggested that we start his shoot in the bathroom so he could take a shower and warm up. Jakub was already boning up when he stripped down to these bright little shorts. He could barely keep it hidden since he had grown so large! The shoot went very well with Jakub getting totally naked and playing up to the camera. Later he jumped in to the shower and put on another show, playing with his cock and getting down on all fours to show off his hole. If you haven’t see it yet, make sure you check out the video of Jakub spraying cum all over me in his wanking video.

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